About Cinere

Learn more about our team and our goals and purposes.

Our History

Founded in 1997, AEPC Laboratories (Amalgamated Euro Products Corporation) has been producing high quality and natural-based cosmetic products to satisfy customer’s needs for hair & skin care.

At AEPC Laboratories (Cíneré) we are devoted to developing and manufacturing a complete range of personal care and beauty care products that are truly natural in origin.

Our concept is simple. Create pure, natural products made using only the finest ingredients.

Our products have thus been developed using premium ingredients to make each product unique and compatible with the most sensitive skin and hair without disturbing the balance of nature.

We have the science to bring out your beauty by using the timeless elements of nature and state of the art research.

Our formulations contain significant concentrations of herbal extracts, essential oils and other natural therapeutic elements, not just a touch of the latest trendy ingredients.

Our products do work and we guarantee this.

Our Mission

AEPC is a professional corporation, dedicated and committed to providing customers and consumers with the highest integrity of service, professional products and continuing education in the field of hair and skin care. Our philosophy is to use superior ingredients to achieve outstanding products.

Research and Development

Our research and development department serves our consumers by constantly innovating and creating new technologies within the cosmetic industry. These achievements propel our company to be a leader in innovative product design.

Using efficient methods proposed by our R&D teams enable us to design and develop innovative and high quality products. Our R&D department actively publishes our findings, ensuring our company stays dynamic, introspective, and always objective towards our market.

By introducing new products to the market, our dedicated and highly qualified personnel within our R&D team ensure that our consumers’ needs are fulfilled.

Quality Assurance

We design our products based on high quality raw materials in our laboratories and use the latest technologies in our factories to produce the best products to meet consumers’ needs and expectations.

Each product is designed and tested by the best laboratories, produced under the most accurate supervision and qualified by approved scientific associations to ensure that our products have the highest quality and provide the best results to our consumers.

Using a controlled qualitative feedback system we systematically monitor our suppliers to ensure the highest quality raw material is delivered for further processing.

The result of our efforts and achievements has proven highly successful with excellent certifications such as awards from the international standard organization (ISO) and recognition by medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Each department of our organization is constantly and rigorously evaluated and monitored by strategic management teams to ensure that our stringent targets are not only achieved but exceeded.

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