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If you have trouble finding your way around a smart phone, you’re gonna have a bad time in Logos 9. Let’s Rhapsody try another example.Suppose you’re going to teach about Noah in your church’s children’s ministry this Sunday. (Good on ya!) You just KNOW that one of these curious 7-year-olds is going to ask just how big the ark was . As you can see, some of these are a lot more helpful than others. “Letter writing” is something we understand pretty well nowadays, but “Elders as fathers” is something I’ll want to write on in that study guide, since it’s how John sees his relationship with Gaius and the church . I could just read the book, do some cross references, and start plugging away at the study.

Amazon’s Alexa And Google Assistant Try Making Themselves The Talk Of Ces 2020

  • Other than getting airtime for such a large number of messages, this would be very difficult to do using only your own handset.
  • When the system synchronises with the FrontlineSync app, the queued messages will be pushed to the device for sending.
  • Just as a middle-of-the-road cellphone allows you to create a contact list , dedicated software for sending SMS messages en-masse contains specific functionality that facilitates working with a large number of contacts.
  • Toll-free numbers give the same mass texting features as short codes without the expense.

I often get emails and comments about the tools I use for Bible study, and I need to give credit where it’s due. I couldn’t do this kind of stuff withoutLogos Bible Software.

It will walk you through a few questions that I’ve asked people who were considering whether or not they should purchase Logos. With Bruce Wayne in the driver’s seat, the Dark Knight covers more ground and stops more bad guys. But if you put an average Gotham citizen behind the Batmobile’s wheel, he’s not going to solve any crime. In fact, he’ll have a hard enough time just starting the thing. Like the Batmobile, it’s too expensive and high-tech for most people.

But I’d be missing out on some important pieces of this letter. Since I’m not a first-century Christian in the Roman Empire, I’m blind to a few cultural concepts in the epistle—concepts that people studying 3 John should understand. But with Logos, I can just search the Bible for every time the angel sense is used. That pulls up results for “angel,” “cherubim,” “glorious ones,” “watchers,” “archangel” … you get the idea. Suppose you want to find all the places where God talks about David. You can’t just search the Bible for the words “God” and “David.” That would leave out some important synonyms and pronouns .

Plus, even if you generated a list of all the times God and David are referred to in the Bible, you’d have to sort through the results to see which verses actually involve God speaking about David. It also pulls up a timeline for the character, a list of relatives, and links to further explore his roles and the like. That gave me a huge dump of every time the Greek word for “one another” is used in the Bible, which I was able to go through and categorize. These are the two biggest new things you can do with Logos 9. But the lineup of things you’ve been able to do for a long time is still just as impressive. I’m going to walk you through some of my favorite aspects of Logos Bible Software, but first, I wanted to share a flow chart with you.

Watching screens for long periods of time can be pretty tiring. Is it too late to use this program I understand there were updates which of course I did not get. I don’t have the finances to purchase more expensive updates. We create research-based articles and handy infographics to help people understand the Bible. If you read through all that and you’re still as excited about Logos Bible Software 8 as I am, woohoo!

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